Cleansing the body of parasites

A parasite that feeds and lives on the resources of the host organism

There is a wonderful and fair joke: "There are no healthy people, there are those who are under-examined. "»And if we talk about some aspects of health, such as parasitic infection, it is no longer a joke, but the real truth. According to the WHO, up to 1 billion people worldwide are infected with parasites today (this represents a seventh of the world's population)! Only among the "classic" parasites – helminths – nearly fifty species can live and thrive in the body of homo sapiens. And what about the others: lice, unicellular lice (chlamydia, toxoplasma, lamblia), fungi (candida) and so on. . .

Not everyone is infected with parasites. Naturally, among the population of third world countries or some island residents, literally everyone suffers from parasitosis, but the higher the level of well-being and hygiene of a person, the less likely it is thatshe is sick. However, at least once in our life (and usually much more often), each of us has encountered parasites. Some are their constant guests to this day. . . There is only one conclusion: if there is a fact of infection, it is very important to cleanse the body of parasites.

Where do parasites come from?

They live in large quantities in the environment. We just don't see it, because their eggs (if they are multicellular organisms) are usually small or microscopic in size. And there is no need to talk about parasitic microorganisms. For example, the parasitic fungus Candida is widely present in soil, natural waters, on the surface of fruits, vegetables, objects, etc.

Processing vegetables and fruits will help avoid pest infections

Typically, a person gets parasites when they do not wash their hands and what they are about to eat particularly thoroughly, or when they do not properly prepare food (meat, eggs, and poultry). are infected with parasites).

Don't neglect your pets either. Their fur and body are also teeming with unwanted inhabitants (fleas, worms, toxoplasmas), especially if the cat or dog was taken to the street or is sometimes found there.

In general, the man did not wash his hands, ate an undercooked cutlet, stroked the dog - and received not only pleasure, but also an unexpected "friend" who from now on will eat and live at hisexpenses, and will also take him for a walk. source of infection for healthy people.

Not a pleasant prospect, is it? And that brings us back to the need for cleaning. At home, you can practice cleansing the body with tar, various teas, other medicinal plants, etc.

How to recognize the presence of parasites in the body?

A general deterioration in health indicates the presence of parasites in the body.

Ideally, you should undergo every imaginable and inconceivable test that will reveal the presence of "territory invaders" in your body. But be prepared for the fact that the doctor will not recommend free tests. The fact is that the statement "Doctor, I want to know if I have parasites" is not accepted by doctors, because insurance companies only pay for the diagnosis and treatment of real, not perceived, problems. And one more drawback: in some cases the tests are normal, but there are parasites in the body. . .

In general, seeking medical help does not guarantee 100% success and will cost you a pretty penny. So, if you suspect the presence of parasites, do some tests yourself, at least the two most important ones: feces for worm eggs and a smear for genital tract infections. These tests will identify forms of parasitosis that require immediate treatment under the supervision of a doctor.

If the results are negative and you generally feel good, you are probably healthy and do not need to cleanse your body of parasites. But if you have a number of symptoms that suggest an infection, then you cannot do without cleaning.

The presence of parasites in the body is indicated by weight loss, abnormal stools, weakness, uncertain deterioration in general health, changes in appetite and unhealthy appearance. For children, be careful! – their presence is often indicated by incomprehensible skin symptoms resembling psoriasis or allergic reactions.

Methods for cleaning parasites

To get rid of pests, you can practice cleaning methods. Medicines, herbs, birch tar - cleansing the body can be done by different means. Below are those that are available at home.

Cleanse the body with mineral water

This harsh recipe was used several decades ago not only in traditional medicine, but also in official medicine. Using mineral water, a strict diet and sometimes laxatives, they "hunted" the tapeworms away. The method was generally effective, but difficult because patients received almost no food for up to 2 weeks.

Cleansing the body with tar

Tar is a good remedy against external parasites: lice, scabies mites. Any doctor will confirm this. Some unofficial sources add that you can dilute it with water and take it orally to expel worms from the intestines.

Alternative medicine sources claim that it is completely safe to take birch tar: the body is cleansed within a few days, and the product also has other effects, including anti-cancer. However, it should be noted that official medicine does not approve of its oral administration. In addition, it was revealed several years ago that long-term treatment with tar does not cure tumors, but, on the contrary, increases the number of cases of cancer of the skin and mucous membranes.

Teas to cleanse the body

There are a number of herbs that have a paralyzing effect on helminths and a laxative effect. They are widely used in cleaning practices. For example, these are wormwood, pumpkin seeds, St. John's wort, buckthorn, cloves, green walnuts, black walnuts, etc. From them, separately or mixed in different proportions, teas are prepared for cleansing the body, which are taken as a course of treatment for up to a month.

Food preparations and supplements

Many food supplements have been created based on antiparasitic plants. They can also be used in cleaning.

How effective is pest cleaning?

This article does not list all existing methods for freeing the body from parasites. There are recommendations for cleaning with coconut milk, garlic, spices and hundreds of other different products. But, frankly, they are ineffective.

In fact, even the recipes described above do not always guarantee a parasite-free life. The effect depends on the characteristics of the organism, its sensitivity to certain drugs and the parasite itself (some, and also if they inhabit the body in large quantities, are very difficult to eliminate). A huge role belongs to the state of immunity: the weaker it is, the more pleasant and long the "squatters" will use the resources of the owner’s body.

To increase your chances of success in your cleanse, it is important to first strengthen your immune system. Taking an immunomodulator based on unique protein molecules will help increase the body's defenses and prevent the side effects of massive "cleansing". If you decide to resort to medications (and this, whatever anyone says, is the most effective option), the remedy will help reduce the consequences of their harmful effects on the liver and other organs.

And finally: even when you get rid of parasites, don't relax. Immunity against them lasts a maximum of a year, or even less. After that, you will become vulnerable again. Therefore, lead a lifestyle that will minimize the risk of infection and also do not forget to regularly repeat immunomodulatory treatments, which will make you more resistant not only to parasitosis, but to any disease in general.